Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident: Serious Injuries On Your Motorcycle in Gainesville

Simply put, drivers of cars and trucks do not always see motorcycles. Their inattention and failure to share the road can cause serious injury and even death. At Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A., in Gainesville, Florida, our attorneys represent clients and their family members suffering the severe effects of a motorcycle accident.

The driver of the car or truck that crashed into you may not have been paying attention. However, you can count on us to pay attention to all the details of your motorcycle accident claim. Contact us at 352-562-7809. We handle cases involving scooters and mopeds, as well as motorcycles.

Minor Motorcycle Accidents Resulting In Major Injuries

In a motorcycle crash, serious injuries result because motorcyclists do not have the protection of a structure surrounding them. The smallest collision can result in anything from road rash to more severe injuries that include broken bones, spinal cord injuries and death.

Unlike car and truck crashes, no-fault insurance coverage is sometimes not a factor in motorcycle accidents. Operators of bikes are not required to have that level of coverage. Still, the negligent party must be held responsible. We have the experience and expertise to consider all sources of available coverage and prepare your case so you can get the best recovery possible.

Recognizing The Risks For Florida Motorcyclists

At the Alachua County law firm of Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A., we recognize the risks that motorcycle drivers face in Alachua County and throughout the state of Florida. The possibility of head and brain injuries is always a concern in a motorcycle collision and we work with experts to be sure that the full extent of the injuries is determined. The experts we use include:

  • Neurologists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Radiologists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Physical and occupational therapists

Diligent And Compassionate Representation

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, or a family member has, we are ready to help. Our approach is to be aggressive toward the responsible party and compassionate with you for the challenges you are facing. You need to deal with physical and emotional healing while we take the legal steps to pursue your motorcycle accident claim.

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