Car Accidents

The Dedicated And Diligent Legal Representation You Need In Car Accident Cases

Following a car accident, let the attorneys at Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A., in Gainesville, Florida, handle the legal aspects so you can concentrate on healing from your injuries.

Hold the party responsible for your car accident injuries accountable. It makes sense to engage an attorney to resolve your case. Contact us at 352-562-7809.

Complex Car Accident Cases

Florida no-fault laws can make car accident cases quite complex, but we have the experience and knowledge of the law to secure the compensation you deserve. If a doctor determines that you suffered a permanent injury or scarring from an accident, you are entitled to damages. We handle the case against the at-fault driver and if necessary any case against your insurance company to collect any uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage that you are entitled to receive.

Giving You Peace Of Mind Through Hands-On Representation

When we say we handle all aspects of your car accident case, we mean all aspects, including property damage and medical bills. At the Alachua County law firm of Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A., we assist you in getting your car repaired and in obtaining a rental car if your automobile was totaled. We can also advise you regarding bill collectors who may be calling you to secure payment for your medical bills, or you can have them contact us and we will handle it for you.

Your only job is to recover as best you can.

Aggressive Approach To Secure A Satisfactory Resolution

Most personal injury cases settle. But unlike many personal injury attorneys, we do not avoid the courtroom. Many times, filing an immediate lawsuit is necessary in order to show the insurance company that we are serious about resolving the case in your favor. That aggressive approach is exactly what you need if you are facing pain, medical treatment, or disability because of a spinal cord injury, head or brain injuries, broken bones or other injuries.

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